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This video art installation project dealt with the creation of different series of Haiku films, that is, 3-shots short video pieces with a total duration of 15 to 30 seconds.


These micro-documentary films covered different perspectives of Berlin through nature, art creation, and urban life. They aimed at capturing glimpses of reality without further conceptual elaboration.


In a second phase, to design the installation, I made deeper research in Zen’s philosophy and explored the conception of the “event” in Gilles Deleuze, who in “The logic of sense” states: “The outbreak, the splendor of the event, is the sense. (...) the event is the identity of the form and the void. The event is not the object as designated, but the object as expressed or expressible, never present, but always past or yet to come”.


We reproduced our series of filmed events on old TV screens and other devices, reflecting the relationship between the fleeting and open nature of the events with the abstract or sedimented products of language and technique. Please Visit: 

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