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5 Channel Videoinstallation Two hands clap and there is a sound. What is the sound of one hand?”


Recorded With the Theremin Player and artist Dorit Chrysler, who contributed with her piece Requiem in D major to the project.

Some of the pieces were recorded in slow motion and then recorded repeatedly, in a round trip from VHS to digital, until the image was left in various states of erosion.

The installation reflects on technique and contemporary nihilism. The work is directly inspired by an analogy that the theologian Johann Baptist Metz made with the voyage of Voyager I and II to talk about how "The understanding of reality, which directs the scientific-technical mastery of nature and from which the cult of feasibility draws its reserves, is coined by an idea of time as a continuous, evolving, infinitely growing void, in which everything is hopelessly enclosed; it excludes all substantial expectation and thus produces that fatalism which corrodes the soul of modern man. This is why he is resigned even before society has successfully taught him this resignation with the slogan "pragmatic rationality".

"The round-the-world voyages of Voyager I and Voyager II will presumably never end. Both are leaving the solar system. They will be floating next to another star in 40,000 years at the earliest"

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