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The Mäusebunker is an abandoned Brutalist building that served as the Central Animal Laboratory for the Freie Universität of Berlin.

Designed by Gerd Hänska, the Mäusebunker seems now to belong to another era and paradigm: From an era of heavy industrial materialism to one of digitalization and virtual realities.

The building is waiting for its demolition in the following years. In the process, the bunker suffers a transformation, from concrete to digital, a sort of transmutation from an external-objective reality to a psychic-digital one. The Mäusebunker ends up being the manifestation of both an inner space and a digital landscape.

Accessible to the most only through the network and the global mass media, some places suffer, de facto, from a progressive loss of materiality and conversion into pure form, in “eidos”. They become only molds for new recombinations, new plastic possibilities, pieces of a new virtual reality.

This series, shot during the soft lockdown in 2020 while being an artist in residence at Urban Nation Berlin, construct new realities and geometries with the elements of the Mäusebunker, as well as creates new contiguities and juxtapositions with other areas of Berlin, such as the Grunewald forest, exploring speculative formulas of reality.

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