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In the first days of my stay in Athens to record a documentary I met Kostas Nikolau. A trained photographer and filmmaker, Kostas had lost his job and was now selling his photos on the street, at the foot of the Acropolis. They were mostly photos taken in the 1980s in rural Greece. We decided to embark on a journey through the places that documented these photos, in a kind of reconstruction journey that traverses a Hellas deterritorialized by the crisis.

Kostas speaks very basic English. It tries to communicate through multiple references something that needs to be expressed: Plato, Saussure, Heidegger, Stockhausen ... He tries to reconstruct its interiority, to create a communicable figure through a desperate translation exercise of all the fragments that inhabit him, 

Real cinema, road movie, or experimental documentary, Marathonas is practically an oracular exercise, a traffic, and a praxis of hermeneutics in action. The presence of the camera opens the space where Kostas interprets in situ the drama of his identity; the recognition of his own image is what, like Ulysses on the Odyssey, will allow him to return home.

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