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If the Eye were an Animal, Its Soul would be the Sight

The visionary journey, If the eye were an animal, its soul would be the sight, is an ecstatic-experimental itinerary that superimposes footage recorded in present-day Berlin with material found on old VHS tapes bought by eBay: World War II documentaries, Cold War, Vietnam, Stalin ...

Through a back-and-forth work between digital and analog, the piece reflects on the image itself. On the one hand, images that are practically pure virtuality, a reflection of an event that disappeared instantly: "on a subatomic level, all we see is dead starlight," said theologian Bogdan Dalca. On the other hand, images that are metabolized, end up somatizing and transforming bodies; flooding the matter, they can cause an escalation at any time.

Titled from a quote from Aristotle's "De anima", the film is about the way we consume images within the context of Global Mass Media. Processed images, copy of a copy, in-form the soul and shape an artificial landscape: compulsively, through visual bulimia, violence, war, consumption, and entertainment are juxtaposed in a solution of continuity where everything is diluted. (TEASER)

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