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If the Eye were an Animal, Its Soul would be the Sight

The visionary journey, "If the eye were an animal, its soul would be the sight," is an ecstatic-experimental itinerary that blends present-day footage recorded in Berlin with material sourced from old VHS tapes purchased on eBay. These tapes contain a range of historical content, such as World War II documentaries, Cold War footage, Vietnam, Stalin, and more.

The piece explores the nature of the image through a process of digital and analog manipulation. On the one hand, we see images that are purely virtual and reflect events that disappear instantly. Theologian Bogdan Dalca once said that "on a subatomic level, all we see is dead starlight." On the other hand, images can also be metabolized and end up shaping our bodies and the physical world around us. They flood matter and have the potential to cause an escalation of events at any moment.

The film is titled after a quote from Aristotle's "De anima" and explores the ways in which we consume images within the context of global mass media. These processed images, copies of copies, shape our souls and create an artificial landscape. The film juxtaposes violence, war, consumption, and entertainment in a continuous solution where everything is diluted, forming a landscape of visual bulimia.

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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Fisura Internationa
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