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"Both Breath and Clay. Fragments of a Ritual Prayer" is an embodied exploration of the mythical theme of the night-sea-journey.


This experimental poetry film delves into the transcendent poetic rituals interwoven within the intricate tapestry of our chimeric bodies, celebrating rhizomatic existence, and meeting the wound's space as a prayer in a perpetual state of becoming.

By capturing image physicality and texture through the lens of Digital Cameras, MiniDV, and the recording of screens and projected images, the film immerses viewers in a dreamlike sensory journey intertwined with the lyrical and spoken word of poetry.

Both Breat and Clay. Fragments of a Ritual Prayer.


A film by Marc Samper Vidal and Maria Constanti

Performed by Maria Constanti



Fragments from the poem “INSIDE GARDENS: A Ritual Prayer in Seven Acts” /

“ΜΕΣΑ ΣΕ ΚΗΠΟΥΣ: Προσευχητικό Τελετουργικό σε Εφτά Σκηνές”.


 Written both in Greek and English  by Maria Constanti.



Maria Constanti.

Music by Dimitris Sandalis.

Lyrics from the poem “INSIDE GARDENS: A Ritual Prayer in Seven Acts”.

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