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The Cartographer and Her Chorus: A Dreamscape Monodrama

The interdisciplinary research group Space of Tapes presents the collaborative audiovisual performance installation piece, The Cartographer and Her Chorus: a dreamscape monodrama involving five artists from Cyprus, Greece, and Spain.


Taking dream incubation rituals as a starting point, this work maps performative bodies within a topography of sculptures, video projections, soundscapes, and live music. Dream incubation rituals, practiced by many ancient cultures, refer to the practice of sleeping in a sacred precinct to intentionally experience and nurture a divinely inspired dream, often associated with healing or prophecy.


During a four-week research residency, the Nicosia Buffer Zone operated as the alchemical site for a modern incubation, inviting the artists to engage and be engaged in the liminal space of a zone -a crack. Bayo Akomolafe, philosopher, and author, defines cracks as <<reformulations of presence, territorial materializations of dense ontological flows. Desirous flows in immanent fields of becoming>>. 


Dream images served as subtle invitations to navigate through this scenic zone, and listen beyond oneself, entering a collective space where things can die and provide energy or compost, for transformation. The world of images becomes the essential component of a place-making ritual where every point is a leap into a re-articulation of the self. 

Andrei Tarkovsky's film "Stalker" serves as a mythological stratum, a cartography of a metaphysical journey into the heart of the Zone -a place rumored to fulfill one's deepest desires, and a canvas for the projection of internal images that metabolise into reality. 

The chimeric forms of the sculptures of Simis Soukiouroglou, created in the Buffer Zone, and collected from the Athalassa area, once part of the deep sea, create a strong metaphor for the world of images emerging from the unsconcious. 

Research – Composition – Installation: Maria Tsitroudi, Maria Constanti, Marc Samper
Performers: Maria Tsitroudi, Maria Constanti
Videography/3D: Marc Samper
Scenography & video installation: Marc Samper, Maria Tsitroudi, Maria Constanti
Double bass & electronics: Dimitris Sandalis
Sculptor: Simis Soukiouroglou
Texts: Excerpts from poems of Heiner Müller, Paul Celan, Maria Constanti and from the movie “Stalker”, by Andrei Tarkovsky.

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